A Change of Plan

A few people have pointed out to me that an app might not be the most cost effective way to tap into the smartphone users. I began looking for cheaper ways to access HBF content on a mobile device when I came across QR codes.

800px-japan-qr-code-billboardScanning QR code with mobile phone

Quick Response Codes or QR codes are a trade mark for a type of two-dimensional barcode invented in 1994 and was commonly used in the automotive industry. In the last decade the has been a massive rise in QR uses in marketing and can be seen all over our cities of today.

A QR these days can be scanned with any smart phone by simply downloading free scanning software and it will use your camera to scan the code. The software will give you a link that will take you to the pre-programmed content which can include video, image, URL or even a pdf.

I think a QR code is a useful tool that could be utilised by the Hawkes Bay Foundation to appeal to the younger demographics but also everyone else with a smart phone. Maybe they could link their website to it, or link it to the Hawkes Bay Foundation Stories.


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