Fartifact Research – Nihilism

In my research I investigated a little into Nihilism which is a philosophy I share principles with such as the mockery of religion and the futility and meaninglessness of existence.


Bill Hicks has taught me a lot about critical thinking. A lot of what he preached before his death was borderline extremist in the 80’s. His stand-up walked the thin line between comedy and a rally for atheists who at the time were the minority in America.



Like Bill Hicks, comics such as Jim Jefferies and Louie CK focus on letting their audiences know how absurd and futile our lives are using Nihilistic and cynical observations about their own human experiences that we can relate to in some way.

I want a hint of Nihilism to show in my artifact but do not want it be its core theme because it might be too cynical and or offensive to send out and put my name to.


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