Semi Permanent Road Trip Part 2

On day two I was very very tired because the bar with an open roof right below or hostel room window kept me up quite late so for most of the day I was fighting off sleep.

Maria Scileppi started of the day and I remember her saying something along the lines of look at your life through an alien POV. She also yarned on about making a friend a day for a year. Sounded like hard work.


Steve Seltzer talked about being stuck and how to overcome it.

There was a panel discussion on the future of content with guest speakers Rebecca Carrasco, Duncan Shand,  Shana Inge and was Moderated by Tea Uglo.

Rebecca was the highlight for this panel discussion, she talked about how corporations and companies shoved consumer goods down our throats in the 30’s and now we don’t really tolerate it anymore. She referred to the word consumer as a term to dehumanize us. She also talked about the way New Castle Brown Ale highjacked the superbowl ad exposure without actually showing an ad at the superbowl.

Screenshot 2016-08-16 23.52.01

The Green Eyl is a team of installation artists who do alot of interactive projects. They had an exhibition can the Whispering Table which had talking porcelain bowls at a table that spoke when you pick them up, and also another exhibition involved getting the public to lay a shit load of coins on the pavement in the streets in a pre determined composition which ended up getting cleaned up by the police.


Overall the trip was fun, I didn’t enjoy Auckland very much but the conference was very inspiring and I would definitely return in future years for more insight and inspiration.





Semi Permanent Road Trip Part 1

Last Friday was the first day of the Semi Permanent conference, and it opened with a very entertaining story from Te Radar about he and his father recreating a scale version of a Bob Semple tank from world war one. A classic tale of kiwi ingenuity if I ever heard one.

This was followed by Paul Stafford who had some really good insight into how to handle online criticism of a re-branding campaign and also interesting tales of the Air BnB brand launch and how it was being compared to a pair of testicles.


The third speaker was easily the best of the day, her name was Tea and she had many deep insights into the metaphysical and philosophical. Some very heavy concepts were discussed like the nature of reality and if it is even real, or linear, or physical, or logical…


After Tea, we had a break. When we returned there was a panel discussion about the future of business with guest speakers Peter Biggs, Cecelia Herbert, Dean Pool.

Cecelia works for Google and spoke about diversity in the workplace and how it can be beneficial for a workplace.


Dean Pool stood out for me because he was quite funny but he also had some really interesting sculptural designs like a coffee table with a bottom half made out of broom bristles.


Mimi Gilmour wasnt very memorable for me, all I remember is that she has a real long sob story and then she said burger burger well over 50 times. Made me really hungry, considered Burger Burger.






Website Development Continued

Finally I have put my own work into the portfolio page as well as a link to my blog, the website is almost ready for presentation to the class tomorrow.

Screenshot 2016-08-16 19.09.12

I also reduced the portfolio menu to two links that each link to different pages containing large thumbnails that open up light-box slideshows.

Screenshot 2016-08-16 19.14.30

Screenshot 2016-08-16 21.14.15

A short bio can now be found on the about page also the contact has a fillable form and a short paragraph to encourage the viewer to contact me.

Screenshot 2016-08-16 19.14.16

Screenshot 2016-08-16 19.15.21

I still feel my website and branding need further development in the future, such as more work added to my portfolio page before I even dream of publishing it. Hopefully by next year I will have enough content to launch it.

Website Development

Once I had my logo design sorted out I began to change the style of the website to match it and now the aesthetic feels more coherent and unified.

Screenshot 2016-08-16 19.07.22

I changed the portfolio page by adding three menus that each link to their own slideshow showing either photography, paintings, or photo-manipulations.

Screenshot 2016-08-16 20.41.37

I decided on an old illustration of myself would fit best on the about page, I positioned it to the right to allow room for a short bio on the left.

Screenshot 2016-08-16 19.07.40


Personal Branding

Before I jumped into fully developing a website I needed to develop a brand and aesthetic to base my website on that compliments my practice and style.I had a lot of trouble trying to think of a catchy name for myself that would reflect my practice so I ended up just settling on using my initials instead.

I sketched out some rough logo concepts to get started so I had some kind of idea of the style I would employ. I then continued to develop these in Adobe Illustrator.


Fifty million hours and artboards later I felt I was finally getting closer to having a logo that I could be proud of. I felt this logo was solid, applicable and also fits in with the logo design trends of today (flat, handwritten looking). Time and feedback will tell if it is a success. coming soon

Last week I was introduced to the website design software, Adobe Muse. I plan on using this software to create an online portfolio where potential clients can see the best of my visual art and design work.

Today I have been trying to execute some basic functions such as getting my header and footer to be static while the rest of the page scrolls behind them, and making a slideshow span the entire width of the browser window. I was quite pleased by the end of the day to achieve both of these functions.


static menu


full-screen slideshow

Over the next week I will continue to develop my skills in Muse and by Sunday I hope to have a fully functioning and aesthetically pleasing website to showcase my skills to the world.