Using the collateral from band, I have developed some posters to attach to the street furniture. They focus on the slogan live here give here, with room for the QR codes and logo below.

I have also developed some stickers that would be able to printed in mass and slapped around the region. Every sticker slapped would be laying down a portal that links the community to HBF.


Street Furniture

One way of getting the QR into the community could be to design some street furniture with HBF branding and a QR code taking people to a donation page on the revamped website. A permanent fixture like this could generate lots of donations if it were in the right location.

I have sketched up a few concepts based on m research and will discuss them with Urs to consider how easy or hard they might be to make in Vectorworks.


A Change of Plan

A few people have pointed out to me that an app might not be the most cost effective way to tap into the smartphone users. I began looking for cheaper ways to access HBF content on a mobile device when I came across QR codes.

800px-japan-qr-code-billboardScanning QR code with mobile phone

Quick Response Codes or QR codes are a trade mark for a type of two-dimensional barcode invented in 1994 and was commonly used in the automotive industry. In the last decade the has been a massive rise in QR uses in marketing and can be seen all over our cities of today.

A QR these days can be scanned with any smart phone by simply downloading free scanning software and it will use your camera to scan the code. The software will give you a link that will take you to the pre-programmed content which can include video, image, URL or even a pdf.

I think a QR code is a useful tool that could be utilised by the Hawkes Bay Foundation to appeal to the younger demographics but also everyone else with a smart phone. Maybe they could link their website to it, or link it to the Hawkes Bay Foundation Stories.

App Design

After the presentation we had to go back to the drawing board, our Garden Festival was a bit to ambitious as far as the Hawkes Bay Foundation was concerned so I began playing with the idea of making an app.

I approached Dean to find out more about the process, he said I would be able to construct one using Adobe Muse which was ideal considering I had plenty of practice in the last project.

I did some light research to find out what kind of app designs are trending and also what an app could do.

Based on these research examples I drew up some wireframes that I thought would fulfil the desired functions (donation, cause awareness, news, favourites)